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Turkesterone Capsules Supplement

Gains Nutrition has developed these Turkesterone 500mg Capsules for serious fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders and athletes. Gains Nutrition’s Turkesterone formula shares structural similarities to the muscle-building hormone Testosterone, does not have any known side effects and is rich in naturally occuring ecdysteroids.

Turkesterone benefits:

  • NATURAL ANABOLIC FOOD SUPPLEMENT – Rich in natural ecdysteroids. Gains Nutrition’s Turkesterone Capsules Supplement shares structural similarities to the muscle-building hormone Testosterone.
  • BODYBUILDING, POWERLIFTING & ATHLETES – An excellent choice for bodybuilding, powerlifters & athletes.
  • HIGH STRENGTH FORMULA – High Strength Ajuga Turkestanica Extract: Our 500mg Turkesterone Capsules Supplement is uniquely formulated to increase natural Turkesterone absorption via Hydroxypropyl-β-Cyclodextrin.
  • NO SIDE EFFECTS – Turkesterone is a natural plant derivitave that does not inhibit any known side effects.
500mg Turkesterone Capsules
How to Use Turkesterone

60 Capsules


30 Days



Active Ingredient

Ajuga Turkestanica Extract



GMO Free


Why people love our products

High-quality, ethically sourced products at affordable prices


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Duncan B.

Easy to use hard to forget to take when u dream of the gains you will get.
I have been taking this every day for about 5 days now and I haven’t skipped a single day I also found that I had no stomach problems when combing this turkesterone and creatine.
I would 100% recommend this to people.

Big Lifts

Bottle lasted a little over a month. My strength went up and I do look leaner. Definitely does help, but don’t think of this as a magic pill. You still need to eat right and train hard.


Wasn’t expecting much from turkesterone but maintained weight and got leaner. Great product.

Matt King

For me I feel strong throughout the day taking it with other supplements because it seems to work well with other supplements.


Works as expected. Great Product

S. Venn

This product surprised me since it was very effective in giving me gains to muscles whilst helping me get leaner.


Works really well. Have seen gains. Recommend.

Sam P.

Turk works! Using 2 caps a day, got about 1kg of lean mass in 4 weeks


I bought 2 bottles straight away, as I figured I’d give it at least 2 month cycle. After one month on on mostly strength training and a emphasis on chest, shoulders, and traps, I don’t think I’ve ever seen as much progress as I have in years

Nathan Morris

Results were very apparent not even a week after use. More lean muscle and enhanced strength, simple to take.


I’m definitely getting stronger and recovery has improved, also noticed I’ve gained some lean muscle mass. I have since ordered another 2 bottles.


The results exceeded my reasonable expections, very happy with the product and will continue use.

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Turkesterone Capsules 500mg

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