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Terms & Conditions

This page advises you about our terms and conditions which are bound by when ordering from us. By placing your order at checkout you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

The term ”Gains Nutrition” or “us” or “we” or “our” refers to the owner of the website, ‘Al-Haatif Ltd’ whose registered office is Unit 5, Halifax Industrial Centre, Marshway, Halifax, HX1 5RW, United Kingdom.

The term “you” or “customer” refers to the you the user, customer or viewer of our website.

1. About us

Gains Nutrition is operated by Al-Haatif Ltd. Our company registration number is 07294999. Our UK VAT number is GB160932026.

2. The order process

2.1 After you have placed your order with us you will receive a confirmation email shortly after to confirm that we acknowledge receipt of your order.
2.2 We cannot accept cancellation of an order from the customer once the customer has made payment.
2.3 We are not bound by any laws to fulfil that order due to a number of factors beyond our control that could change the status of the customer’s order.
2.4 Once we have received your order to our CMS we will begin processing your order including packing it.
2.5 The customer will receive a despatch email after we have received your order. This can be at any point during our working day.
2.6 Once you have received the despatch email the customer accepts that their order has now entered the despatch/shipping process
2.7 Where applicable the customer will receive a tracking email at a later date, normally but not guaranteed, the same working day your order was received by us or the next working day after the order was received by us.

3. Your rights as a consumer

3.1 If you are placing an order as a consumer you have the right to cancel your order within 7 days of receipt. To do this you must inform us in writing of your intent via our contact page found here
3.2 For us to cancel the contract you must return your desired item/s pending our acceptance, so that we can cancel your order.

4. Status of the customer

4.1 Placing an order on our website you explicitly agree that you are;
4.1.1 18 years of age or older.
4.1.2 You are providing accurate, truthful and correct information

5. Our service and useage

5.1 Our website is primarily intended for the use of residents of the UK (United Kingdom). We therefore reserve the right not to accept orders from residents who reside outside the UK.
5.2 We reserve the right to cancel orders, with no reason, before or after payment has been received and made by customers who reside in the UK or outside the UK.

6. Availability and availability messages

6.1 We may list a product for sale on our website but this does not guarantee that we can supply that product due to circumstances that may be beyond our control.
6.2 All prices include UK VAT at the current rate of 20%
6.3 ‘Delivery 2-5 days’. This message means that delivery to the customer will be approximately, but not guaranteed, 2-5 working days, regardless of the delivery method you select.
6.4 ‘Out of stock’. This message means that the product is currently out of stock.
6.5 International customers that reside outside the UK please refer to our international estimated delivery times found here
6.6 The following delivery messages should only be used/assumed for UK customers only
6.6.1 Delivery 2-5 days

7. Delivery

7.1 We use a variety delivery companies for our deliveries.
7.2 We use a variety of delivery methods.
7.3 By selecting one of our delivery methods presented at checkout you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set out by the delivery company that delivers your order/you choose to deliver your order.
7.4 You can view our delivery options here which will be displayed to you at checkout depending on where you ask us to delivery your order.
7.5 Delivery times are advised here.
7.6 Delivery times and estimates are provided to us by the delivery companies we use, which we pass on to the customer, and these delivery estimates should be used as guides only by you.
7.7 Delivery times should be assumed as estimated only by the customer unless explicitly advised.
7.8 No delivery dates are guaranteed except the following
7.8.1 Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed™
7.9 Should the delivery times of 7.8.1 not be met the customer is entitled to a full refund of those charges pending Royal Mail’s acceptance of that claim.
7.10 Our warehouse reserve the right to upgrade to courier if for example, but not limited to
7.10.1 You select Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed™ and the value of the order is not covered for insurance purposes.
7.11 All delivery discrepancies must be reported to us within 24hours of receipt.

8. Claims for non delivery

8.1 We will act in accordance with the terms and conditions of the delivery method and its respective method you choose at checkout should you wish to make a claim for non receipt.
8.2 If your order shows as delivered by way of tracking information (not limited to tracking information) and you seek to make a claim for non receipt, you will be required to sign a form of declaration of non receipt provided by the delivery company you chose at checkout to deliver your order. Upon confirmation by that delivery company to us that they’re satisfied, we will issue you a refund.

9. Prices

9.1 All prices on our website include UK VAT at the applicable rate which is currently 20%

10. Payment

10.1 We use secure payment systems in the form of Stripe, Paypal or ApplePay which the the customer can select at checkout.
10.2 We accept a variety of payment methods which can be found on our payments page here
10.3 We never get to see your payment card number in full.
10.4 We do not accept payment by cheque. If we receive a cheque as payment we will securely dispose of it.

11. Returns & exchange policy

11.1 If you wish to return an item you must notify us in writing prior via our contact page here. No other contact method will be accepted.
11.2 If you wish to exercise your right to opt for a refund you must notify us in writing at time of your returns request via our returns page here .
11.3 To qualify for a refund on items that remain sealed, you must return your item to us within 30 days from date of receipt or expected date of receipt. The condition of the return must be met as outlined in part 12.xx
11.4. If you have received a damaged, faulty or incorrect item, please contact our customer service team via our contact page here who will resolve this for you on a case-by-case basis. Please note that we do not offer exchanges. You will need to place a new order and return the original item for a refund.
11.5 Where we are not notified of your intent to return an item we reserve the right to charge a £25 administration fee ex VAT regardless of the value of your order or reject your return.
11.6 Upon receipt in writing of your desire to return an item we will respond and provide with an RMA.
11.7 Upon receipt of your returned order the return will be booked onto our returns system which can take a further 5 working days.
11.8 Upon receipt of your return where you advise/request a refund, we will process a refund within 14 days of receipt of your order.
11.8.1 Weekends and UK national holidays are not working days.
11.9 Any upgraded/additional postage costs paid by the customer at point of order will not be refunded on the customer’s intent/advice, that they wish to return an item for a refund. This applies to both UK and Non UK customers.
11.10 We will not be held responsible for any potential losses during transit.

12. Returned expected item condition

12.1 To qualify for a refund on our 30 days from date of receipt or expected date of receipt we expect the item/s condition to be met by the below.
12.2.1 We expect these items to be returned to us in resellable condition.
12.2.2 We expect these items to be returned to us with all retail packaging where applicable.

13. Refunds

13.1 Refunds are processed within 14 working days of us receiving your return.
13.1.2 Weekends and UK national holidays are not working days.
13.2 Refunds can only be processed back to the exact same payment method you made payment with on your original order.

14. Faulty items & products returns & exchange policy

14.1 As outlined in section 11.x.x, if you wish to return an item, you must first show your intent by putting it in writing to us via our contact page here.
14.2 No postage should be considered if you opt for a refund whether that be of the cost for you to return the item or the original delivery costs you upgraded to.

15. Product warranty

15.1 Product warranties can be either with us or direct with the manufacturer at our discretion.

16. Our liability

16.1 When you purchase from us we are not liable for any of the following, not limited to;
16.1.1 Loss of earnings or income
16.1.2 Loss of data
16.1.3 Loss of profits
16.1.4 Loss of work
16.1.5 Loss of any contracts
16.1.6 Death or personal injury
16.1.7 Errors supplied/given by you throughout the order process such as, but not limited to; providing incorrect delivery address, providing incorrect email address’s, providing incorrect invoice address’s.

17. Duties and taxes on orders outside the UK

17.1 International customers (i,e customers who request delivery outside of the UK) may be subject to local/national import duties, tax or VAT. You will be responsible for any such charges as these.
17.2 We’d advise you contact your local customs office prior to ordering to establish such charges where they may be applicable.

18. VAT

18.1 All prices on our website include UK VAT at the applicable rate which is currently 20%
18.2 All orders both domestic and international are shipped with a VAT invoice
18.3 If you are a Non-EU resident and your delivery destination is a Non-EU country our checkout will deduct the VAT on the items purchased at the final phase of checkout.
18.3.1 If you are a non-EU resident our checkout will deduct the VAT on the delivery charge where applicable at the final phase of checkout.
18.4 We are not obliged to deduct VAT for EU customers who do not have a valid VAT number.
18.5 Should an EU customer have a valid VAT number we can deduct VAT prior to payment in the form of BACS only if you supply us with valid VAT documents.
18.5.1 Should an EU customer have a valid VAT number where you wish to pay by Stripe or Paypal we will refund the VAT after the purchase only if you supply us with valid VAT documents.
18.5.2 If you cannot supply a valid VAT number we reserve the right to charge the full amount as listed on our website. You can then request a refund of VAT at your local customs office with our UK VAT invoice.

19. Events outside of our control that we cannot be held responsible for that may impact your order process (not limited to)

19.1 Adverse weather conditions
19.2 Strikes
19.3 External/Internal factors beyond our control

20. Omissions and errors

20.1 We reserve the right to cancel any orders due to errors that may occur from the following:
20.1.1 Pricing errors
20.1.2 Pricing errors caused by human error
20.1.3 Stock errors where we physically have no stock
20.1.4 Internal system technical errors
20.1.5 Incorrect product descriptions

21. Reviews

21.1 We may send seller review invites out via a 3rd party, to all customers who purchase from us approximately 10 days after purchase where the customer is asked to review our service.
21.1.1 If you desire to edit this content after submission you will need to contact the review company you receive the review invite.
21.1.2 Where you add a review via a 3rd party you agree that the 3rd party may publish that on their respective website.
21.2 We may send product review invites out via our own system approximately 10 days after purchase where we will ask the customer to review the product purchased from us.
21.2.1 We regularly review the product reviews and reserve the right to edit or remove the content where we deem necessary.
21.3 You understand that by adding a review to our system via the email invite, that this may be published to our website.