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Introducing our 100% pure Creatine Monohydrate Powder, the ultimate choice for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, or anyone eager to amp up their game in the gym or on the field.

What is Creatine?

Creatine Monohydrate helps your body produce energy during heavy workouts or intense exercise. While it's naturally present in small amounts in our bodies, many people take it as a supplement to up their game at the gym. One of the most researched supplements in the world, studies have shown that it increases muscle mass, strength, and performance. Our Creatine Monohydrate Powder helps you train harder, lift heavier weights, and experience greater endurance, leading to improved strength gains and enhanced muscle performance.

  • Increases physical perfomance during intense exercise.
  • Aids in muscle repair and supports new muscle growth.
  • Increases water volume in muscle cells.
  • Suitable for all sports activities and exercise.
  • A massive 200 servings per pouch.

Mix approx. 1.5 scoops, (5 grams) with 250ml of water, or mix with your favourite protein shake and consume once per day either post workout or first thing in the morning.

Creatine Monohydrate.

Not only does our Creatine Monohydrate Powder deliver exceptional performance benefits, but it’s also backed by extensive scientific research and rigorous quality standards. We prioritize your safety and ensure that our product is free from fillers, additives, and unnecessary ingredients. It’s also manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility that follows strict Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to guarantee purity, potency, and consistency in every batch.


Per100g5g Serving
Creatine Monohydrate100g5 grams
Pouch Size

1 KG

Serving Size

5 grams

Servings Per Pouch



24 × 30 cm

Main Ingredients

Creatine Monohydrate





GMO Free


Pouch Size

1 kg

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Matt W.

Mixes smoothly with my post-workout shake. Love how it helps with muscle recovery and growth.


Gains Nutrition’s Creatine Powder is a must-have in my supplement arsenal. Noticed an increase in strength and endurance after just a week of use.

P. Froch

Hands down the best creatine I’ve tried. Mixes well!


Gains Nutrition’s Creatine Powder is my secret weapon in the gym. It mixes effortlessly and gives me that extra push to lift heavier and push harder. Highly recommend!


Impressed by the quality and effectiveness of this Creatine Powder. Noticed improvements in my workouts within days.

Tommy T.

Fast delivery, it’s Creatine!


Gains Nutrition knows how to deliver. Their creatine powder is a game-changer at an unbeatable price

Sophia M.

Affordable and effective creatine powder doesn’t break the bank, but it sure delivers.

Avery C.

Five stars for Gains Nutrition. The creatine powder is affordable, mixes well, and delivers fantastic results.

Aarav Mehta
Max B.

Effective, affordable, and the shipping is a breeze


Gains Nutrition’s creatine powder is my go-to. It mixes so smoothly, and the fast delivery is a bonus.

Mia K.

Affordable gains! Budget-friendly choice without compromising quality.

Lily C.

Mixes well, delivers results, and the shipping is quick

Mikey M.

Used to get this on Amazon but now just buy direct, good company.

Mason S.

Mixes effortlessly! This creatine powder is the easiest to incorporate into my routine.


Five stars! Gains Nutrition’s creatine powder is my favorite. Great price, great results, and fast delivery.

Grace Taylor

Top-quality creatine powder at an unbeatable price.


All good

Penny L.

Quality creatine at an unbeatable price.


No complaints!


Gains Nutrition’s creatine powder is a staple in my routine. The packaging keeps it fresh, and the price is right.

Gavin R.

The delivery is prompt.

Mr X

great stuff, been using for 3 months and got good gains.

Oscar B.

Affordable and it delivers on its promises.

Harper S.

A must for those who want quality at a great price.

Evan H.

Gains Nutrition’s creatine powder is a steal. Affordable, effective, and the packaging keeps it fresh.

Nathan H

No shipping costs, no complaints.

Lucas P.

No shipping fees, no hassle. Gains Nutrition makes it easy to get quality creatine powder without breaking the bank.

John D.

Gains Nutrition creatine powder is a game-changer! The packaging is top-notch as well.

Dylan H.

Gains Nutrition nails it with quality, price, and fast shipping.

Christopher Young

No-frills, all gains with this powder. It’s a straightforward product with no unnecessary additives. It delivers noticeable muscle gains and enhanced performance. A staple in my fitness routine.


Simple and effective – that’s what Creatine powder is. No frills, just pure gains. Mixes easily, and the price is right. Love it!

Zoey Allen

I’ve tried various creatine supplements in the past, but I’ve been most impressed with this Creatine Monohydrate powder. It’s simple, pure, and doesn’t contain any unnecessary additives. Mixability is good, and it dissolves easily in water. I’ve noticed a significant boost in my strength, and my muscles feel fuller after a few weeks of use.

Gavin B.

Creatine Monohydrate powder has transformed my workouts. Simple and effective, I’ve seen impressive strength gains. Mixes well, no fuss – exactly what I needed.


I’ve been using Gains Nutrition’s Creatine Powder for a while, and it delivers on its promise. My muscles feel fuller, and I have more energy during my workouts.

Taylor Davis

This Creatine Powder is like magic dust for your workouts. It’s tasteless and has turned me into a beast at the gym. Highly recommend!


I’ve noticed substantial improvements in my workouts, and its simplicity is what I appreciate most.

Peter Simms

This Creatine Powder is a powerhouse. Within weeks of using it, I noticed a considerable increase in my workout performance and muscle size. The best part? It mixes so smoothly; you won’t even know it’s there.


My go-to supplement. It’s pure and effective, with no fancy additives. My lifts have never been better, and I’m thrilled with the results!


I’ve seen noticeable improvements in muscle size and endurance. This simple powder is a must for anyone serious about training.

Mia Robinson

I was hesitant at first because this Creatine Monohydrate powder is so affordable, but it has exceeded my expectations. The quality is top-notch, and it’s just as effective as more expensive brands I’ve tried. I’ve experienced increased strength, and it’s helped me power through my workouts. Plus, the large quantity of product in the bag means it lasts for a long time, making it a budget-friendly choice.


I started using Gains Nutrition’s Creatine Powder a month ago, and I’m impressed with the results. My lifts have gone up, and I can feel the difference in my muscle recovery. The taste could be better, but the quality makes up for it.

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Creatine Monohydrate Powder - 1KG

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